Amalias 36

1 - 7 April 2019

Welcome to a place where art is but one and its different expressions can ideally coexist, complement each other and, in the end, interpret reality through a completely innovative perspective.

Impressive portraits carry the distillation of the photographer Vangelis Kyris’ experiences while on his imaginary, subconscious and literal travels around the world, its borders enclosed through his gaze within the context of a frame, on the map of a wall. An array of images from across the globe, starting from Asia and Africa only to end up in Greece, where the photographer locks a long gaze to the roots of tradition, expressed through a free creative approach, far from folk imagery.

Printed on canvas, his images are gifted with the depth and complex readings of a painting. Anatoli Georgiev, the photographer’s friend and collaborator for the past five years, reaches for the canvas and subconsciously embellishes its details and fragments, offering Vangeli’s portraits a vibrant, third dimension, unlocking new, multiple readings of the same image, this time through texture.

The artworks are in fact a love story where contemporary photography meets traditional techniques such as tea dyeing and thread corrosion, as means to achieve the creative vision shared by the two artists, together with the third powerhouse of the group, Erica Vassiliou, an insightful and perceptive art lover who has acted as the catalyst in the emergence of this magical partnership.